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Istituto italiano di astrofisica - national institute for astrophisics

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Filippo Zerbi new scientific Director

The new scientific Director of the National Institute for Astrophysics is Filippo Zerbi. He was appointed during the meeting of the Board of Directors held on 21 March 2016

First researcher of INAF- Astronomical Observatory of Brera, Zerbi graduated in physics at the University of Pavia, where he was awarded his PhD in astronomy in 1997.

During his brilliant career, he has carried out fundamental research in stellar astrophysics and high-energy astrophysics, while in the field of technology and instrument development he has mainly worked in spectroscopy, robotic telescopes, space projects.

«Filippo Zerbi – said INAF President Nicolò D'Amico – has already been a member of the Scientific Directorate, working with former Director Paolo Vettolani, and this will be an advantage for him, since he has certainly gained awareness of the complexity of his new assignment, but this will be also an issue to a certain extent. In fact the Board of Directors is adjusting the rules of the game, by restoring the statutory principle of separation of duties and responsibilities, tasks and management responsibilities, and tasks and evaluation responsibilities».

«The Board of Directors has also developed new guidelines for the organization of the Scientific Directorate in departments – continued D’Amico –: the departments are needed to create mechanisms of strong coordination of human, instrumental and economic resources that we have in the main fields of modern astronomy and that are usually distributed among different organizations, in order to reach the important national and international tables with greater strength and authoritativeness; in these context, the President and the Board of Directors heavily rely on Filippo’s personal skills, to whom we wish good luck with his new job».

Source: ResearchItaly

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