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Istituto italiano di astrofisica - national institute for astrophisics

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Kepler Explorer App: Planets At Your Fingertips

Kepler Explorer, a new app for iPads and iPhones developed by OpenLab, provides interactive displays of recently discovered planetary systems based on Kepler data. The app starts with drop-down menus listing all the Kepler-discovered planetary systems, including our own solar system.The app is now available for free on the iTunes Apple Store.

Read more on Media Inaf (in Italian) and on the UCSC website In English).

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A milestone toward E-ELT construction

Feb 05, 2016

A milestone toward E-ELT construction ESO will enter into final discussions with the winning bidder of the tender process for the design, manufacture, transport, construction, on-site assembly and verification of the Dome and Main Structure of the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT). Nicolò D'Amico (INAF's President): "It will bring important returns for italian industries".

Very little magnetism in this odd couple

Nov 27, 2014

Very little magnetism in this odd couple The new observations of IGR J17544-2619 obtained by the NASA satellite NuSTAR have shed light onto some of the most obscure properties and behaviours of SFXTs. The unprecedented accuracy of these measurements has allowed the team led by Varun Bhalerao at the Inter University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics (India), with the participation of INAF researchers Patrizia Romano and Lorenzo Natalucci, to see a cyclotron line in the X-ray spectrum of this source, the unambiguous signature of the interaction between the stellar matter and the magnetic field of the compact object that is attracting it.

4th "Paolo Farinella" Prize 2014

Apr 03, 2014

4th "Paolo Farinella" Prize 2014 To honor the memory and the outstanding figure of Paolo Farinella (1953–2000), an extraordinary scientist and person, a prize has been established in recognition of significant contributions given in the fields of interest of Paolo, which span from planetary sciences to space geodesy, fundamental physics, science popularization, security in space, weapons control and disarmament.