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Istituto italiano di astrofisica - national institute for astrophisics

You are here: Home INAF News Risparmio e vedo il cielo. INAF joins the “M’illumino di meno” campaign

Risparmio e vedo il cielo. INAF joins the “M’illumino di meno” campaign

On 24 February, on the occasion of the Energy Saving Day 2017, the National Institute for Astrophysics – INAF has joined the M’illumino di Meno campaign launched by Radio Rai 2 show Caterpillar, now in its thirteenth year, which renews the invitation to turn off the lights in squares, private and public lightings across Italy.

This year, the INAF wants to take part not only with “turning off” initiatives at some of its premises across the country, but also with a series of podcasts, collected under the title of Caterstellar, which can be heard on the dedicated page “Scienziati per m’illumino di meno“, with the aim to raise public awareness of a still little debated issue, light pollution.

The podcasts, recorded with the participation of INAF astronomers and researchers, talk about other types of pollution, including electromagnetic pollution, with the aim to share knowledge with the public and communicate science in simple terms.

In addition, several evening events on the theme of energy saving have been scheduled across Italy and will take place at the INAF premises.

The INAF Astronomical Observatory in Padova on the Asiago plateau, which is home to INAF’s largest telescope in Italy, is organizing, in Asiago, an evening that offers visits to the Galileo telescope, naked eye sky observations and observations with the Schmidt telescope at Cima Ekar, as well as a lecture on the theme of light pollution.

The INAF Astronomical Observatory in Trieste will host short presentations on the theme of energy saving and a debate, open to the public, entitled ‘La scienza del risparmio energetico’.

The INAF Astronomical Observatory of Monte Porzio in Rome, will host the evening event “Un cielo buio per la caccia alle galassie“. Finally, in Sicily, INAF astronomers at the Astronomical Observatory in Palermo at the Madonie ‘Gal Hassin’ Astronomical Park are organizing a number of initiatives in collaboration with the Municipality of Isnello.

Source: ResearchItaly


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