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Scientific Advisory Panel

The Scientific Advisory Panel works in consultation with the Administrative
Advisory Panel on matters concerning the research carried out by INAF.
The Scientific Advisory Panel also proposes, at the request of the president,
long term (at least 10 years) directions for INAF's scientific and
technological research for submission to the Administrative Advisory Panel.

The members of the Scientific Advisory Panel:

  • Prof. Marica Branchesi, President (appointed)
  • Dr. Tomaso Belloni - Vicepresident (RSN4)
  • Dr. Paolo Tozzi - Segretario (RSN1)
  • Prof. Sandra Savaglio (appointed)
  • Dr. Marco Limongi (RSN2)
  • Dr. Daniele Spadaro (RSN3)
  • Dr. Andrea Zacchei (RSN5)

Resolutions of the Scientific Advisory Panel (in Italian)

Evaluation of the Italian astronomical production: 2016-2018

ALMA shed light on the chemical composition of a protoplanetary disk

Oct 09, 2020

ALMA shed light on the chemical composition of a protoplanetary disk The team led by Linda Podio, a researcher at INAF, observed a protoplanetary disk of less than 1 million years, which is almost edge-on. The edge-on geometry allowed observing the vertical structure of the disk and to resolve distinct chemical layers. The images obtained thanks to ALMA revealed emission from several molecules. One of these is methanol, a key molecule for the formation of the so-called “complex organic molecules”