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Scientific Advisory Panel 2011-2015

The Scientific Advisory Panel works in consultation with the Administrative
Advisory Panel on matters concerning the research carried out by INAF.
The Scientific Advisory Panel also proposes, at the request of the president,
long term (at least 10 years) directions for INAF's scientific and
technological research for submission to the Administrative Advisory Panel.

The members of the Scientific Advisory Panel:

Resolutions of the Scientific Advisory Panel (in Italian)

The macro-areas

The macro-areas are the scientific framework within which the research projects of the institute are pursued. They are defined by resolution of the Administrative
advisory panel on the advice of the scientific advisory panel. The macro-areas are
made up of the institute's research staff, technologists and other research staff
from universities or other research bodies associated with INAF through no-charge
appointments, as layed out in the regulations of association.

The five macro-areas:

Useful documents:

GRB-SN Association within the Binary-Driven Hypernova Model

Sep 22, 2023

GRB-SN Association within the Binary-Driven Hypernova Model The GRB-SN association, probably the most constraining property of GRB theoretical models, is the subject of a new article by an ICRA-ICRANet collaboration, accepted for publication in The Astrophysical Journal

The polyhedric scientist and his sharp tones

Sep 08, 2023

Tomaso Belloni passed away suddenly on August 26th. He was a leading scientist of the Italian astrophysics community and was well known internationally for his work on compact objects in the X-ray and gamma-ray bands

Farewell Krakow, see you in Padua for EAS 2024

Jul 14, 2023

Farewell Krakow, see you in Padua for EAS 2024 The annual meeting of the European Astronomical Society (EAS) ended today in Krakow, Poland. Next year, Padua will host the annual EAS meeting from 1st to 5th July 2024