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Under 35

A great deal of attention has been given to the training and research activities of young researchers: in fact, on 20th October 2010, 65 research grants and 46 studentships were advertised, for training, research and post-doc fellowships. In particular, in 2009, about 700,000 euro were allocated for the first 8 two-year INAF post-docs at an international level, that, given their success, were offered also in 2010. INAF, then, makes a small contribution to keeping young researchers in Italy and making others return from abroad, as part of a process that reflects the international nature of research. INAF, in collaboration with ISSNAF has also promoted study trips to the United States for undergraduates interested in astronomy and astrophysics. INAF and its researchers are particularly active in seeking "external" funding and resources, applying for national and international grants both as an institute and as individual researchers. Currently, two of INAF's researchers enjoy an ERC Starting Grant and a third has recently won an Excellence Grant.

ALMA shed light on the chemical composition of a protoplanetary disk

Oct 09, 2020

ALMA shed light on the chemical composition of a protoplanetary disk The team led by Linda Podio, a researcher at INAF, observed a protoplanetary disk of less than 1 million years, which is almost edge-on. The edge-on geometry allowed observing the vertical structure of the disk and to resolve distinct chemical layers. The images obtained thanks to ALMA revealed emission from several molecules. One of these is methanol, a key molecule for the formation of the so-called “complex organic molecules”