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National Division of Business and Innovation

Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica
Viale del Parco Mellini, 84
I - 00136 Rome
fax: +39 0635533 359

Head: Dr. Corrado Perna



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The National Division of Business & Innovation (N.D.B..I) of the I.N.A.F.'s Scientific Directorate leads the chief national coordination, planning and implementation of the global strategies to improve innovation, competitiveness and internationalisation of the national industry sectors involved by the Astronomy and Astrophysics researches, as required by the I.N.A.F.'s strategic goal oriented to increase the Country’s world class technology innovation capabilities and global business leadership by maximizing the impact for Italy of the return on investments from Astronomy and Astrophysics R&D expenditures.

As the I.N.A.F.’s policy development office, N.D.B.I. is also in charge of coordinating the engagement strategies towards ground-based and space-based international large scale projects, towards all programs focused on fostering new cutting-edge technologies, and of advising the I.N.A.F.'s governance about strategic engagements issues.

The Division is the formal Industrial Liaison Office to Italy for most of the organizations acting in the Astrophysical R&D domains operating both by an IGO status, such as ESO, as well by an international coordination structure, as SKA and CTA currently are.

N.D.B.I. manages also the I.N.A.F.’s business development programs to promote the technology transfer and the enterprise creation by supporting scientists start-up, spin-off companies, patents licencing etc.. and manages also the Intellectual Propriety policy.

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INAF researcher wins a Consolidator Grant 2017

Dec 20, 2017

INAF researcher wins a Consolidator Grant 2017 Two black hole systems are the investigational topic of DEMOBLACK: one of the projects that have been granted the European Consolidator Grant, which was submitted by Michela Mapelli, a researcher of the National Institute for Astrophysics-INAF and Professor at the University of Innsbruck in Austria

Light in Astronomy 2017

Nov 14, 2017

Light in Astronomy 2017 Light in Astronomy, organized by INAF in collaboration with the Italian Astronomical Society-SAIt, will be a week (13-19 November) dedicated to satisfying curiosity about the Universe thanks to the opening in Italy of INAF premises, including the astronomical observatories.

Marsis radar reveals that on Mars all that echoes is not ice

Oct 28, 2017

Marsis radar reveals that on Mars all that echoes is not ice The low dielectric constant of the Meridiani Planum deposits is consistent with a thick layer of ice-free, porous, basaltic sand. This study is fundamental to identify techniques that may help find the planet’s areas with accessible water ice.