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Division of Space Activities


Coordinator: Roberto Della Ceca

Tel.: 06 355 33 212/ 02 72320333

Mobile:   335 1587514

Engineering support:

Andrea Argan :Tel.: 06 355 33 330

Technical secretary:

Marco Santoro: Tel.: 06 355 33 212
Fax: 06 355 33 359


The Space activities department was established by the INAF administrative advisory panel on 10th February 2005, and was conceived to create the conditions necessary for the development of space-based  research programs in a multi-national context.

Its main activities are:

- monitoring of INAF's space programs;
- providing a link between ASI and INAF's scientific community;
- providing support for the initialisation of scientific activity of common interest via a "negotiating table" between ASI and INAF;
- giving support to personnel during all successive phases of negotiation with ASI (draft agreements, progress and final meetings);
- providing a link and support for ongoing space activities involving INAF and universities;
- giving support to the management of the ASI Science Data Centre;
- giving management support to engineering and product assurance of programs that involve INAF institutes;
- reporting, where appropriate, to the INAF CDA and CS on progress in the various areas.

Internal report UOAS n. 1/2011 "Contracts and agreements following the UOAS"

Internal report UOAS n. 2/2011 "INAF Space Projects"

-space projects
-UOAS activities
-Grants and opportunities
-National and international context
-Vision documents
-Useful documents


Apr 25, 2022

AN ARTIFICIAL EYE FOR BILLIONS OF GALAXIES SAMPLES An international group of scientists, including researchers from the Italian National Institute for Astrophysics, has used artificial intelligence (AI) to measure the size of galaxies as far away as about seven billion light-years from Earth

The NEOROCKS project: online the newsletter first issue

Mar 25, 2022

The NEOROCKS project: online the newsletter first issue NEOROCKS (Near-Earth Object Rapid Observation, Characterization and Key Simulations) is an European project financed by the Horizon 2020 UE program. The first issue of the project newsletter is an online magazine to report about news in the NEO field

First light for SiFAP4XP

Mar 08, 2022

First light for SiFAP4XP SiFAP4XP is a new fast photometer with polarimetric capabilities at the TNG Telescope. The project was triggered by the challenging goal to observe in the optical domain the same targets of the IXPE satellite, the first to be specifically dedicated to X-ray polarimetric observations