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International Relations

INAF's international relations service (INAF/Relint) oversees the participation of
INAF personnel in research project funding programs, exchanges and international
mobility or bilateral co-operations. INAF/Relint also follows activities of an
international nature, particularly European Union initiatives.

To this end, INAF/Relint:

  • Ensures the diffusion of the above mentioned information to INAF personnel;
  • Provides support to INAF personnel for the correct presentation and management of projects.


Alessandra Scaffidi (head)
Chiara Guccione 
Giulia Antinucci 
Giovanna Maracchia

Tel. 06 35.533 340/341/339/267
Fax: 06 35.34.3154

Opportunities and documentation:


Jun 08, 2022

AN UNEXPECTED GAMMA-RAY BURST An international group led by INAF researchers have confirmed that the gamma-ray burst GRB 200826A, which lasted less than two seconds – typical of short bursts – is associated with the explosion of a massive star, which is typical of long gamma-ray bursts

Announcing the new Director of the Large Binocular Telescope

May 31, 2022

Announcing the new Director of the  Large Binocular Telescope The Large Binocular Telescope Observatory, one of the largest and most advanced optical telescopes in the world, is proud to announce the appointment of its new Director, Prof. Joseph Shields, who will assume the position effective June 06, 2022