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International Relations

INAF's international relations service (INAF/Relint) oversees the participation of
INAF personnel in research project funding programs, exchanges and international
mobility or bilateral co-operations. INAF/Relint also follows activities of an
international nature, particularly European Union initiatives.

To this end, INAF/Relint:

  • Ensures the diffusion of the above mentioned information to INAF personnel;
  • Provides support to INAF personnel for the correct presentation and management of projects.


Alessandra Scaffidi (head)
Chiara Guccione 
Giulia Antinucci 
Giovanna Maracchia

Tel. 06 35.533 340/341/339/267
Fax: 06 35.34.3154

Opportunities and documentation:

Space, ASI’s Sardinia Deep Space Antenna inaugurated

Sep 09, 2017

Space, ASI’s Sardinia Deep Space Antenna inaugurated The SDSA is located at the Sardinia Radio Telescope-SRT: the large radio telescope for the study of the Universe, situated near Cagliari and developed by the National Institute for Astrophysics-INAF in collaboration with ASI, Regione Sardegna and the Ministry of Education, University and Research-MIUR.

Space, Let’s go to Mars

Sep 09, 2017

Space, Let’s go to Mars An educational video game to explore the Red Planet

Carina Nebula, INAF identifies new star formations

Sep 09, 2017

Carina Nebula, INAF identifies new star formations The Gaia-ESO Survey: Global properties of clusters Trumpler 14 and 16 in the Carina nebula study conducted by Francesco Damiani from INAF of Palermo, involving a number of researchers from the INAF observatories of Arcetri, Bologna, Catania, Padua and Palermo, has been recently published in Astronomy & Astrophysics.