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These thermal receivers for the far-infrared and millimetre bands have demonstrated their efficiency in the new generation of CMB experiments and continuum observationsat millimetre and sub-millimetre wavelengths. The technology used is fundamental in the maintenance of the level of excellence of the Italian scientific community in CMB studies and in the development of the sub-millimetre sector. These detectors can easily be replicated to make large mosaics for detailed studies of the microwave background, the mm/sub-mm radiation emitted by our galaxy and extragalactic sources. They can also have applications in non-invasive diagnostic medicine, artificial vision in adverse environmental conditions, non-invasive security controls and nuclear non-proliferation checks.

ALMA shed light on the chemical composition of a protoplanetary disk

Oct 09, 2020

ALMA shed light on the chemical composition of a protoplanetary disk The team led by Linda Podio, a researcher at INAF, observed a protoplanetary disk of less than 1 million years, which is almost edge-on. The edge-on geometry allowed observing the vertical structure of the disk and to resolve distinct chemical layers. The images obtained thanks to ALMA revealed emission from several molecules. One of these is methanol, a key molecule for the formation of the so-called “complex organic molecules”