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Solar interior and solar dynamo

The study of solar acoustic modes over the last decades has allowed the interior ofour star to be reconstructed with extreme accuracy (stratification, internal rotation andcomposition), providing critical information on its evolution, composition, dynamics andactivity. The contribution from helioseismology has also been fundamental in the solution of the solar neutrino problem, providing an experimental confirmation of the Standard Solar Model. Italian astronomers have been involved in studies and observations of solar oscillations for many years, participating in the largest helioseismological experiments. The Italian helioseismology community is one of the 10 members of the "HELAS" network, the European Helio and Asteroseismology Network.

ALMA shed light on the chemical composition of a protoplanetary disk

Oct 09, 2020

ALMA shed light on the chemical composition of a protoplanetary disk The team led by Linda Podio, a researcher at INAF, observed a protoplanetary disk of less than 1 million years, which is almost edge-on. The edge-on geometry allowed observing the vertical structure of the disk and to resolve distinct chemical layers. The images obtained thanks to ALMA revealed emission from several molecules. One of these is methanol, a key molecule for the formation of the so-called “complex organic molecules”